Tuesday, May 3, 2011

another bootcamp update

it's going pretty well. i feel like i am slowly getting back in shape. i feel like if i didn't get shin splint pain, it would be relatively painless. and i still feel good after it's over! i mean, i 'hurt' some, but in a good way.

last night was the first night my blood sugar didn't 'cooperate' and it pissed me off. it was my own fault.
soon before i left work i checked my BG. it was 123. a little while later, i felt low, so i ate a cookie that was in our break room. without checking. yup. because I'M NOT A PERFECT DIABETIC. is anyone? don't think so. if you find the perfect diabetic, lemme know.

so i went by my parents as i usually do, changed clothes, ate my pre-workout snack and set my temp basal.
without checking my BG. i just didn't even think about it. i don't know why i didn't think about it, i do it EVERY DAY, but i didn't. i have no excuses, i just didn't do it.

so i went, did my workout, felt pretty good - minus the whole shin splints thing, that drove me nuts. and basically the trainers have told me to use the rolling stick (i mean, it looks like a stick with big beads that you roll over your sore muscles) and take it easy when it hurts. that's pretty much the suggestion i have gotten from everyone. sigh.

after my workout i checked my BG. 289. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT???? so annoying. and i knew right then that it was my own fault for not checking before i started bootcamp. so i had no one to be mad at but myself. and i was. stupid. frustrating.

but there's no use in dwelling on it. corrected, lesson learned, move on.

and try to not be annoyed. (mmhmm.)

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