Thursday, February 24, 2011

back where i belong :)

today was my endo appointment (you know, the really awesome one that i talked about here, to replace that one). want me to tell you how awesome it was? OKAY.

first, it is nice to be greeted by people who remember your name and face, are friendly, remember things about you, make nice conversation, tell you they were wondering why you hadn't been in ...

it was comforting that my endo actually checked my feet, heart, breathing, etc (unlike some doctors that shall remain nameless) ... ya know, do the things doctors are supposed to do!

i got my prescriptions refilled - with the correct amounts - and we talked about the whole cholesterol thing. he decided, after discussion about me being nervous to take cholesterol medicine before i'm even 30, that it will be beneficial, it is preventative so i don't get to a point where it is too high. he said he has seen that it's hard to get the 'bad cholesterol' down to the level it needs to be with diet and exercise only, so i'm going to take a very low dose of an inexpensive prescription ... now i just have to remember to take it. i suck at remembering to take pills. i just now, typing this, remembered to take my vitamin. but i've been remembering that so maybe i'll do okay.

our discussion led to me talking about the DOC. oh yeah you guys, i told him about you. and he was interested, of course. i told him about dsma, and twitter, and ... my blog. oh yeah, he knows about it. and he had me write it down for some patients who are trying to connect with others (a d-meetup in my future?!?! be still my heart.). so you know what that means, right? he might be reading this. hey dr. awesome! :D  haha! he was happy that i found a community of people that relate to me, and he was interested in all the DOC things i take part in. yay! it's good to have a doc on your side. edit: dr. awesome is type 1 diabetic ... do we think that has something to do with his awesomeness?

we talked about my A1C (7.3, thankyouverymuch) and how i have it in my head that i really want that first number to be a 6. he pointed something out that makes sense. 7.3 is not a bad A1C, and he'd rather i be healthy and good where i am instead of having a 6.5 and many lows. good call. i'm not a fan of the lows.

we talked about CGMs, and where animas is headed with dexcom - i think he said it will be called the vibe (but don't hold me to that). we also talked about the diabetic assistance dogs, and how expensive it is to get one here ... boo. but one person that goes to their office has one! *holding onto hope*

i told him about the awards we won for fundraising at the JDRF walk, and he asked if i was involved with them, and suggested i contact someone who works in his office about getting on the board ... maybe i will do that!

 bronze team achievement award for fundraising

my golden sneaker award for excellence in fundraising

the end of our appointment he summed it up quite nicely, "this was a really good appointment! we got a lot done!"

YAY for being back at the awesome office. where i belong.


  1. I'm so glad you finally got to go back to your Awesome Endo!

  2. WOOOT!!!! AWESOOMMEEE!!!!! SO glad you got your old Dr. Awesome back. It really means a lot to have a good endo that really cares about his patients as people, not dollar signs (which is what I have a good mind ole Dr. Namethatshouldntbesaid was about). Thanks for the DOC shoutout to!!!! I really hope Dr. Awesome can lurk around or even (*gasp*) participate in a #dsma discussion a few nights. That would be SO cool!!! :-) You go girl!!!!

  3. i forgot to mention that dr awesome is type 1 diabetic, so that helps (i will add that to the post!)

  4. I'm so thrilled for you. It's just one of the absolute best feelings to have not just a decent, but an AWESOME Dr. Wheeeee! It makes so much difference in my "control" and the way I care (or don't, so much) for myself. Yay yay yay!

  5. Yay!!!! It is SO SO important to have an endo that you love and that you have a great rapport with. That is exactly how I feel about my endo - who has moved upstate but I think I'm going to keep seeing him as opposed to finding a new more-local endo. How brave to give your blog address to your Awesome Doc though - I admit that would make me nervous!!