Monday, August 5, 2013


i've been sans dexcom since before we went to puerto rico ... for almost three weeks.

it's funny how something becomes habit. i still feel like i'm forgetting something when my self-named dexcom pocket in my purse is empty. when i'm walking around at work and don't grab it off my desk to take with me. when i go to the pool and have it in my bag. when i change clothes and make sure i don't snag fabric and yank it (ouch). when i go to bed and put it on my nightstand. it's become a tool that i really appreciate having, and i don't like to go too long without it.

i kept forgetting to order sensors, so i tried to do that last night... but apparently my prescription is up so i have to call dr. awesome today and have a new one sent over. oye vey. his office staff are really quick and helpful so hopefully i'll get them ordered tonight.

i am so much better about controlling my blood sugar when i'm wearing it, i can't wait til they get here!

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