Thursday, August 29, 2013

jello legs ...and arms.

day two: DONE.

i've decided to make good use of my pinterest board and actually do some of the exercises and videos i've pinned.

tonight i thought i'd try some of the fitsugar videos ... and i like them! they're only 10 minutes each, so i picked three high intensity workouts.

all qued up

the victoria's secret model full body blasting circuit (do the VS models actually do this? who knows.)

the 10-minute arm workout from kelly ripa's trainer (omg. my arms. jello.)

and the 10-minute total-body bikini workout (ya know, since it's about to be fall...)

i'm gonna keep it real. during the last video there was one exercise that is in the circuit twice that i just couldn't do. i thought i was going to puke after the move prior to it, so instead i just did some squats and took deep breaths during those. and it made me consider going back to exercising before dinner ... which is better? before you eat? after you eat? i'm sure there's a correct answer or different opinions.

but i thought i hung out pretty well during the first two! i didn't stop at all, and i'm DEFINITELY sweaty and i feel like i worked hard. i pushed myself. i didn't half-ass it.

the next three days we'll be out of town so i'm going to try my best to get some exercise in!

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