Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the walk is coming!

TWO DAYS. there are just TWO days until the JDRF walk in louisville! i'm THISCLOSE to my goal, i just know i can push past it! i've raised $855 - my goal is $1000! just $145 away.

won't you help? every dollar counts! just go here.

and a sensor follow up: the second sensor i put on out of the same box - the sticky came off within a DAY and the whole thing came off my arm. sigh. i'm thinking this box is a dud. dexcom replaced the first sensor with a fresh new one - and i'm wearing it. day five, going strong. i need to call them and let them know about the second sensor and see if they'll exchange the last two sensors from the box because it is a big pain in the rump to put a sensor in, wait the calibration period, start using it - only for it to come out. wamp waaaamp.

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