Wednesday, August 28, 2013

sweatbetes is back.

remember when i used to go to bootcamp? and workout? like, regularly? and then i'd stop ... and then i'd start again ... and then stop ... rinse, repeat.

well, i need to get back into a routine. actually, i've been needing to for a while. i have been saying it in my head for months weeks (that sounds less slacker-y), pinning workout stuff, trying to make better choices when eating ... all the things i should ALWAYS be doing.

and like many people, i always come up with excuses. too tired, too busy, too hot, too humid, too lazy... time to get it together. and i need to hold myself accountable. i'm not trying to bust my butt and do too much and get burnt out, just get moving.

it's time to tighten bloodsugars, waistlines, shoestrings (for working out, GET IT?) and make better food choices ... and i'm putting it out here because that means i know that at least the 2 people who read this will call me out if i'm making an excuse or being lazy.

i got my new kicks (that i needed anyway, but i told myself if i was getting them, i need to actually wear them while exercising, not just because they're cute ... but they are cute!)

my husband asked what i'm going to do when we go out of town (long weekend staying with my friend and her man coming up) ... i'm going to try to at least do a short workout each day at some point. she'll probably hold me accountable after reading this anyway. :) 

tonight, i did the first day of jillian michael's 30 day shred. i don't know that i'm going to stick to the same workout every night (meaning, i don't know if i'm going to do her video for 30 days, i might mix it up), but i want to do SOMETHING. i've done her video before and after about a week i was burnt out because i get bored doing the same workout every day (part of the reason i end up quitting...)

and jillian isn't kidding around. my arms are already sore.

day one: done! i'll be back to hold myself accountable tomorrow.

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