Thursday, June 30, 2011

diabetics eat ice cream.

yes, you read that right. people with diabetes eat cookies, and cupcakes, and candy, and milkshakes, and icees, and smoothies, and pie, and cake, and chocolate, and fruit, and fruit covered in chocolate, and tidbits of foods that are with a chocolate fountain - i'll stop. you get the idea.

WELL. one of the things i bought with my target gift card that i was awarded from my company's virgin healthmiles program was an ice cream maker.

last night i made the chocolate ice cream recipe that came with the book ... let's just say i ate a few bites and dumped it down the drain.

but i was really excited about making strawberry ice cream. i was going to wait and make it tonight, but i decided i wasn't patient enough (shocking). i went to the grocery, bought the ingredients, and off i went.

now, i only tasted a few bites because it needed to hang out in the freezer longer - maybe because i don't have a fancy ice cream maker, but it tells you that it will be ready after you mix it ... yeah, no it won't. it needs to go in the freezer for a while. i mean, parts of it are ice cream consistency, but not throughout.

so i can't wait to get home today and try out the homemade strawberry ice cream! because i figure, if i'm going to eat it, it's probably better to make it at home with only four or five ingredients and know what i'm eating. right?


  1. Mmm. Yes we CAN and yes we DO! I get so upset when people say "you can't/shouldn't have this", they know nothing about D! I vented about a missed Ice Cream Social because of those peeps recently. Hope your strawberry ice cream turns out delicious - ENJOY!!! :)

  2. we got Daniel an ice cream maker for his birthday - it's fabulous. A current favourite is to mix avocado and strawberries together.

    Tip - chill your fruit first then it makes a ready to eat less sloppy ice cream.

  3. That sounds fun.... And YUMMY!!!!

  4. AHHH! That looks AMAZING!!!!! Now I want ice cream....mmmm

  5. You NEED to try Dave Lieberman's Guinness Milk Chocolate Ice Cream. Ice cream + chocolate + Guinness. Seriously.

  6. Before someone asks, the recipe is google-able but I like this link because she also references swirling the recipe with Baileys Irish Cream ice cream to make Irish Car Bomb ice cream.

  7. Hope the strawberry ice cream was yummy... I'm gonna be blogging about ice cream soon enough, so thanks for the reminder!