Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lauren's Hope Giveaway!

people must like my blog readers :) i have another giveaway today! lauren's hope was one of the first medical ID bracelet companies i ever came across, and i remember looking through their web site and being excited about a medical ID that didn't look so 'medical.' thanks, lauren's hope, for giving my readers a chance at such a great gift! 

When you or your child was diagnosed with diabetes, your life instantly changed forever. As your doctor explained medical procedures, medications, and other lifestyle adjustments, you may have been overwhelmed thinking about all the things that would have to change. One thing that your condition shouldn't affect, though, is your individualized sense of style! In the past, medical bracelets have been big, bulky, impersonal and unattractive - which meant a lot of people would opt not to wear them.

That’s why Lauren’s Hope was founded - to create medical alert jewelry that people would actually want to wear. This inspiration for the business came from a family friend of the company’s founders. As a teenager with diabetes, Lauren Phillips refused to wear medical ID jewelry because it was “ugly” and could “draw attention” to her illness. Lauren’s mother asked for a fashionable medical ID to keep her daughter safe, and the rest is history.

Today, Lauren’s Hope is still dedicated to making beautiful medical ID jewelry for people of all ages, with any condition, and with any sense of style! Whether you have a style-savvy teenager with a penicillin allergy or you feel self-conscious wearing your own chunky diabetes ID to a dinner party, we can help you find a fashionable alternative that will keep you safe. People with diabetes, severe food, drug, and insect allergies, heart conditions, asthma, autism, a visual or hearing impairment, epilepsy, or any chronic illness need to wear medical alert jewelry with that information engraved, as well as people who are on certain medications or are gastric bypass, lap band or organ transplant patients. each medical id bracelet or necklace will be personalized...

In the event of an emergency, your medical ID will do more than just make you look good - it can also save your life! Your medical ID bracelet should be custom engraved with a few important details so medical personnel will know how to treat you best. They will need to know your name, your medical condition(s), any allergies and important medications that you have, and emergency contact numbers.

First and Last Name
Medical Condition
Allergies/Important Medications
Emergency Contact Number #1
Emergency Contact Number #2

Lauren's Hope would like to give a bracelet to one reader! the winner will pick one of the bracelets pictured below. for a chance to win, leave a comment sharing which bracelet is your favorite! you have until midnight tonight (eastern time, 6/28/11) and i'll post the winner tomorrow.

C232 Fiona with Tag

B90 MoodBead

 B92 Petite Petals With Tag


for more information or if you have questions about Lauren's Hope, be sure to visit their web site, their facebook page, or follow them on twitter


  1. I think out of those I'd go with Fiona.

    Have you seen her vintage collection though? I love every single one...I think I might just order myself Aurora's Garden.

  2. I love Lauren's Hope! I've never ordered cause I can't pick just one! :) Out of those 4, I'd go with the MoodBead!

  3. Fiona :o) But the Petite Petals would be a close second if I had something to wear with it. I love the designs at Lauren's Hope...I've had my eye on few for a while but money always ends up being an issue. ::sigh::

  4. Out of the 3, I like Fiona best. I really like the multi-strand styles.

  5. definitely the moodbead one, but I'm a sucker for blue and green...I have a current lauren's hope ID in sterling silver which I love, but the idea of variety is enticing...

  6. I don't know why it messed up the username, but the mess of gibberish above is supposed to be username 'typeonegal' on aim...oops!

  7. commenting for Jan who is having trouble posting:
    I chose B-2Blackbraidedleather. There are many men that would like B-2.

  8. I like Fiona (my niece's name!) best, but the mood beads (at no mood anyway) are a lovely color.

  9. I love Mood Bead! So pretty! Those are my two favorite colors!!

    Thank you!

    Lauren (I love her name too! LOL)