Monday, June 6, 2011


on saturday, i was so hot running around doing errands when it was 90+ degrees and for sure 100% humid, i was suddenly craving an icee. knowing they're full of sugar and carbs, i didn't indulge right then. now, don't worry, i'm not one to pass up an opportunity for a treat just because i have diabetes. but i wanted to know the exact amount of carbs i would be diving into in this instance.

i went home, thought about the icee ... made it my facebook status (which sparked a conversation about icees, slushies, slurpees and frozen drinks in general) and tried to stop thinking about how delicious and refreshing they are.

sunday, i was doing an errand with a friend at target (home of the lows. just ask some DOC target shoppers - i was not there long enough to let target affect my blood sugar, hehe). i recently noticed that the little cafe at target has a nutritional information brochure, and i remembered that and that they have icees.

of course i grabbed a brochure and checked out the carbs in the small icees. i REALLY wanted cherry ... 40 carbs. eh, not too bad for a snack ... orange cream, 27. i settled for orange cream. bolused and enjoyed. :)

it was worth it! next time, i'm splurging on the cherry.

what treats do you indulge in??


  1. Italian Ices are my fav.
    do you find that the orange cream is less BG-spikey than the non-cream cherry? i find that to be true with the water vs. creamy ices.

  2. i haven't had a cherry in a LONG time, so i can't compare, but i'll let you know when i try one :)

  3. I LOVED baked goods...always hard to say no. But I cave on occasion!

  4. I'm so glad you posted this. I had no idea a small ICEE was only 27 or 40g. I thought they were much higher. It's been a while since I last looked. Might just have to treat Jack the next time we're in Target. He would LOVE it. :)

  5. Oh yea - these are AWESOME! I'm all about those giant Pop Ices... in fact, think I'm up for one now!

  6. Yum!!!! I'd been craving one of the new Frozen Strawberry Lemonades I've been seeing McDonald's commercials for. This weekend we were out running errands and I went low . . . . and there was a McDonalds right in the shopping center we were at. Oh. My. Goodness! That frozen lemonade was even better than I had hoped it would be. I bolused a tiny bit for it (so I wouldn't overtreat) and my blood sugar ended up at a happy happy 83!! :)