Monday, June 20, 2011

how do you raise funds?

my local JDRF's walk is in october this year. last year, it was in september and i started fundraising in the summer ... it's time to start thinking about it again!

last year, the ways i raised money were:
     tupperware party (portion of sales donated)
     letter (email) writing
     social media links (mostly through facebook)

this year, i'm trying to think of other ways for my team and me to raise money.

what do you do to raise money for your walks/rides?


  1. I do letters and social media, but I was thinking of mixing it up this year as well-so I'm looking forward to this list! Are you crafty at all? Or good at baking? Or Maybe you could throw a really fun party and charge admission? Online auction? hmmm

  2. i think i'm doing a zumbathon with some friends who own a studio (you can find a local place that does zumba, they support fundraisers!), and i've thought about the online auction thing, i just haven't done it before ... i thought about some kind of party - or we have a few local restaurants that partner up with you and donate a portion of sales on a certain day/night. :) i'm looking forward to seeing other ideas!

  3. I do a walk letter and video, Dimes for Diabetes campaign at school, fundraisers like McTeacher night at McDonalds, thirty one party, Silpada party, night at Chick fil A, garage sales.... Trying to think of new stuff for this year!!

  4. I spread the word through facebook and word of mouth, and I asked for donations instead of birthday gifts. It wasn't a ton that I was able to rally, but each gift meant the world to me! :)