Wednesday, October 12, 2011

fancy nancy

if you've seen me on twitter, you know that my name is @fancynancymer. for some reason, i always just think that my DOC friends know everything about me, and i forget that they don't know things like ... why my name is fancynancymer on twitter. yesterday, it came up in discussion from the famous @scottkjohnson:

pretty much all of my 'real life' friends know where the nickname comes from. when he said that, it dawned on me that some people in the DOC might not know.

prepare yourselves. i hope you're sitting down. it's about to get deep. THE TRUTH COMES OUT.

my name is nancy meredith. no, meredith is not my last name. it's my middle name. as you may have noticed, my last name is not on my blog, i like to maintain some mystery. and sidenote: if someone 'goes by' their middle name, don't ask them what their 'real name' is. just because i don't go by my first name doesn't mean i go by a fake name. it's just my middle name.

mom says that when i was born, they knew they were calling me meredith. and nancy was my great grandmother's name. 'meredith nancy' didn't sound as good as 'nancy meredith' ... so, that was that.

now, i don't know if i can pinpoint the exact time the nickname stuck, but it comes from a combination of things. when i was in college i worked at a restaurant where they 'had' to put your first name in the computer and it would print out on your tickets (i have dealt with this name thing my WHOLE life, i'm used to being called nancy, i am still called nancy at the doctor, by insurance companies, etc ... people think it's SO FUNNY to call me nancy when they find out that's my first name, but it really doesn't bother me). the bartender working saw my ticket, and when he saw nancy, he immediately starting singing fancy by reba mcentire, but was singing nancy instead of fancy. so my nickname became fancy. thrilling, right? you're in on the secret ... almost.

you may recall a fun little girl who likes all things fancy ... bows, feathers, GLITTER, etc. her name is fancy nancy. she now has a series of books, dolls, dress up clothes and games, a whole web site, among other things.

image from

as the fancy nancy character became more popular, the nickname became more prevalent. she's kind of  cute, don't you think?

i can't say i mind it. most people hear me say fancy quite a bit. it's just one of those words ... so i guess the nickname fits.

well, now you know!

how fancy. :)


  1. I love this story! And for the record, I think "Fancy Nancy" is a nickname that many should be jealous of.

    Also want to comment that this "Scott Johnson" fellow is not famous, just sort of old (in internet years). :-)

  2. That's such a cool story, LOVE it! :] I'll admit, I was definitely curious that you go by Meredith but had the whole Fancy Nancy thing on Twitter!

    I'm with Stephie -- my mind is blown, too! :]