Thursday, October 27, 2011

random update

i feel like i haven't been blogging much lately ... sorry about that. life happened.

a few random updates ...

the JDRF walk was a success (i know i've already written about this), our team's unofficial total was $2,420. but i KNOW we have more than that because people brought some cash/check donations the day of the walk and those haven't been calculated on the web site yet. so AWESOME JOB!!! :D

i need to schedule my endocrinologist appointment. i had to cancel the last one because i was out of town - wow, what a slacker i am. FAIL. i need to get on that. like, TODAY.

my back is 'jacked up.' i've been seeing a chiropractor and he's helping ... it's a slow process. basically, your whole spine is supposed to move and sway all together in every direction (obviously.) and mine does that, until you get to the very bottom. then it doesn't move like that. super! that explains my lower back pain and hip pain.

which leads me to this ... my dad pointed out something i hadn't thought of. a few years ago, i was seeing an orthopedic surgeon because i was having some major hip pain, and basically they never figured out what was wrong, and i kind of learned to deal with it ... or it went away, i'm not sure. well, dad said that it makes sense that they couldn't figure out what was wrong with my hip - because the problem is my spine. it's all connected. thank you anatomy.

so i've been hanging out with my ice pack and trying to take it easy and i'm not wearing heels (good thing i have cute flats). if you wanna come hang out on the couch, that's where i usually am.

are you sitting down? prepare yourself. i've also STOPPED DRINKING DIET COKE. i'll give you a minute. i know. it just kind of happened ... i didn't say 'i'm going to stop drinking diet coke!' (that NEVER works for me) i just ... did. i've been drinking iced tea and water. woo hoo! going on two weeks. yep, i'm shocked by myself. and i don't want it, crave it, nothing. just don't really think about it.

my work's gala was last weekend, that's part of the reason i haven't been blogging much. life's been really busy ... now that it's over, things are calming down and i'm not as exhausted, so i have the time and energy to write more.

and, just for funsies, here's a picture from the gala - it was 'a masquerade affair.' :)

don't tell her about my drink. 

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  1. I'm in the same boat, Mer, as far as less blogging. Just lots happening, and real non-blogging life is drawing my attention these days. Sorry to hear about the back probs. Hope the ice pack and all helps alleviate the craziness. Best your way, my friend!