Friday, October 21, 2011

last ask

tomorrow's the big day. the 2011 jdrf walk.

last year my team was AHHHMAZING and we raised so much money that we received awards!

we all know (well, i feel like we all know, but maybe not) the importance of JDRF and the fundraising they do to research ways to better treat, cure and prevent type 1 diabetes.

so i'm asking you, on the last day before this year's walk, if you can donate to the cause. if everyone that read my blog donated $1, i'd have what, $6?

if you are able, please visit my jdrf page and make a donation!

thanks to all of you who have donated already! i greatly appreciate every donation my team has received. and thank you to my team members who have been collecting donations! i couldn't do it without you. :)

and finally, remember to ask yourself ...

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