Sunday, October 2, 2011

the bruise.

for 11 years, i've been using an insulin pump. and i've heard stories about people having bruises and bleeding ... i've never had that happen to me.

...until now.

i put a new site in on thursday. by saturday morning, it looked like this (it was darker in person):

i wasn't sure where the bruise came from. and it didn't hurt at all.

tonight it was time to change my site. here's what it looked for just before i took this one out:

and i thought, is this going to be my first site that will bleed? i wasn't sure. especially since i didn't know what caused the bruise.

and here's what it looked like when i took it out:

awesome, right? it doesn't hurt. i don't have a good horror story for this bruise. it's just ... bruised. and pictures aren't doing justice, the bruise is so much darker in person. i tried to take one without the flash and it just wasn't working. 

so, no idea what caused that ... the mysteries of diabetes. gotta love this life. 

maybe it's the drinking that caused it ;) 

1 comment:

  1. Ugh! I get those from my syringes when I inject in my stomach occasionally...good times!!! "D" is so glamorous isn't it? :)