Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[almost] wordless wednesday

last night i was checking out some things on my blog, and when i reviewed where traffic was coming from, i discovered this:

um, i'm sorry, who's that #4? is this real life? listed among amazing diabetes advocates and bloggers whom i know and admire? NO WAY THIS IS TRUTH.

i look up to kerri, scott, lee ann, george, allison, jessica, kim, sarah and christopher. and there my name is, listed among them. GASP. these are people i call my friends. my amazing DOC friends who rock at life.

apparently this is real life. i don't feel influential ... but if you guys think so, i thank you.

ps - i scheduled my dentist appointment, my blood work appointment and endocrinologist appointment and told them i want to turn in my paperwork to get a CGM. (victoria may have been the final nudge i needed to get one.)


  1. Boom! There ya go! You totally belong on that list, but you deserve a much fancier font or something... :-)

  2. IS THIS REAL LIFE? Omg I was cracking up! YES YES IT IS!


    P.S. maybe you can teach me how to find where traffic comes from. I have no clue. :)

  3. i think i had a similar reaction to you, mer, when i saw my name on the list. i might have jumped up and down and screamed like a two-year-old...

    it's such an honor to be included amongst such amazing people. and the best part? i can honestly call all of you my friends too.

    and YAY FOR CGM!!! keep me posted on how that goes. love you! <3

  4. We are all so fancy!!!

    I mean not as fancy as you and Scott, but fancy nonetheless.