Thursday, November 10, 2011

i do it to live.

sometimes, when people learn that i have diabetes, or i meet people for the first time and it comes up, etc, the following conversation happens (and yes, it has happened to me multiple times):

person: oh wow. and you have to give yourself shots every day?
me: well i use an insulin pump so not every day, but yes, every few days it's like getting a shot. and i check my blood sugar at least a few times a day.
person: oh my gosh. i just don't know how you can do it. i couldn't do that. i wouldn't be able to.
me: well, i have to. if you had to do it, you would.
person: oh no, there's no way. i know i couldn't do it.

sigh. let me simplify it for you, person reading, who may be thinking the same thing.

i do it because i have to. if i don't, i'll die.

there it is for ya, in black and white.

I DO IT TO LIVE. i like living, i think it's pretty dandy and fun, and i don't want to go anywhere any time soon. so, again, i do it to LIVE. and if you think you couldn't do it if you had to, that makes me sad for you. i value my health and life enough that i will do what it takes to remain healthy and alive.


  1. I had this conversation with a co-worker the other day. They insisted they'd rather die than have to take shots/test blood etc. I had to use both hands to pick my jaw up off the floor.

  2. Anytime someone says that it makes me think of when I was hospitalized at diagnosis. I was an adult so I guess they thought I could handle it. Anyway, the first morning they brought my breakfast in, put it in front of me, and a few minutes later came in with a shot. If I wanted to eat, I needed to take a shot. Food > insulin.

    It's not fun, but I would rather not starve.

  3. I get this all the time too! It bothers me to no end when one of my best friends will casually say I could NEVER do what you do. Especially in the beginning after I was first diagnosed, it used to get under my skin so much when people would say that. I wanted to say, well, I didn't have a choice, did I?

  4. is it ok if i have this printed on cards that i can hand to people when they say that? i love how you worded this. well done, my friend!