Monday, November 14, 2011

world diabetes day

on this world diabetes day, i am looking back where it all began.

i was cleaning and sorting through some things last night and found a bag of old supplies and papers. i have been hanging on to it for who knows what reason, and it's time to get rid of some old stuff. it's a glimpse of the beginning, when diabetes became a part of my world. (PUN ALERT! did you get it?? haha. i'm a nerd.)

here are a few highlights:

supplies from my first pump. (anyone know where i can donate these?)

totally don't remember getting this pamphlet. but i don't remember reading really any of the stuff i found.

my first meter! ahhh, i do remember checking my bg on this. but, barely. i remember random things, like sitting in the break room at my job three days after i was diagnosed and my manager sat with me while i checked my blood sugar and gave myself a shot before i ate lunch. random memories.

you might have to click these to read what they say. meal planning, the danger of DKA, learning to think like a pancreas (really?), hypoglycemia ... i don't recall reading these either. but they were printed in july of 2000. maybe my parents read them? maybe it was part of the information i absorbed but it was all such a blur i don't remember specifics. 

ahh, the search for a pump. looks like something my dad might have printed ... different pumps that were available when i was choosing the one i would get. wow. they look so old school.

i remember getting these books. apparently i read the one on the left because i have highlighted sections. it's so funny how i wanted to make sure i remembered such basic things; now i can spout off everything i noted and so much more. 

i guess at the time it was one of those things that i knew i would have to 'deal' with ... i didn't realize that it was going to be such a huge part of my life. that's what happens when you are crazy overwhelmed with a life change. 

and wow, how life has changed. 


  1. I read that yellow Lilly "Managing Your Diabetes" book in the hospital when I was diagnosed, and I think my CDE gave me the same carb counting book, too. The Lilly book put everything in sharp focus: "Like your feet? Yeah, they're nice ones. So here's what you're going to be doing for the foreseeable forever...."

  2. I feel like a dork, I didn't get the pun. (I'm blonde).

  3. it was world diabetes day ... and then i said this was when diabetes became a part of my WORLD. ;)