Friday, November 18, 2011

good ol' glucoaster

so EVERY. NIGHT. this week, i have been low before bed. and of course my body waits til i am already IN bed, after checking blood sugar, getting ready for bed, laying there for a while and wanting to fall asleep. then it says, he guess what? feel that? yeah, you're probably low. you should probably check again. SUPER!

check it, low. correct, wait, check, go to sleep.

every. night.

i have been up past midnight and sometimes 1 am all week. do you know how annoying that is? if you live with diabetes, yes, you do.

but of course, i have been waking up around 170 every morning. i will take this over the alternative of waking up incredibly low, but it's still frustrating and not the number i want to see.

i think it has something to do with me being more active this week, i haven't had much time to sit down. i'm not eating anything out of the norm, just not sitting on the couch all night every night.

good thing i have an endocrinologist appointment in a few weeks. time to see dr. awesome (late, because i had to reschedule my last appointment and i'm behind) again!! :)

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