Tuesday, November 8, 2011

oh, hey november...

now that we're into the second week of the month, maybe i should post something, huh?

welcome to diabetes awareness month. and yes, i missed posting on the first ever type one day. but i wore blue. and i have a blue wrist band i'm wearing every day for november.

so, there's something that's been hanging around in my head for a week that stemmed from the full page, full color advertisement that JDRF ran in The New York Times and The Washington Post.

the ad caused a bit of a reaction, as you might expect. many people were angered by it, but some were not. i was one of those who were not angry. i realize it's a 'scare tactic' advertising style (what's up bachelor's degree in creative advertising), but the ad is the truth. and the truth hurts.

i've been having a hard time trying to wrap my head around all the different thoughts i've had about diabetes lately, and when this ad popped up in links on twitter and on facebook all week long, it made my brain hurt more because i couldn't figure out how to say everything i wanted to say.

today, my friend victoria wrote a blog about this exact same topic. and she was not the first. and i'm sure not the last (well, i won't be the last i guess). there's this post. and this one. and this one. and this one. also this one, and this one. and i'm sure others that i haven't gotten to yet. (do you all know how big the DOC is?? for real. it just keeps growing!)

and my exact thoughts as i was reading it were, 'yes, yes, exactly, i agree, i know how you feel, i think those things too, i don't tell my friends about that, uh huh, yes, crap i really need to get a CGM now and stop waiting...' and i immediately sent her a message and thanked her for putting my thoughts into a well written post. she saved me some time today. :)

so, instead of writing a post that sounds almost exactly the same as victoria's but not as eloquently spoken, i'd like to invite/ask you to go read her blog post. it's the truth. it's the things i don't often talk about. but it needs to be shared.



  1. Thanks Fancy Nancy! I heart you! (and laughed out loud at the bachelor's degree reference).

  2. so glad to hear from you on this topic. it's hard for me to wrap my head around it too. and thanks for the shout-out.

    love ya!