Monday, July 1, 2013

lauren's hope bracelet review

i've been in need of a new medical id bracelet since i got married. my old one had my maiden name and not the most up-to-date emergency phone numbers on it ... so i wasn't wearing it every day (FAIL.) i totally wore it at my wedding though!

anyhow, i got an AWESOME new one from lauren's hope. i was looking for something versatile that i can wear every day and will go with different outfits/colors. i settled on the more is more medical id bracelet. and let me say, I LOVE IT. i was so excited about how colorful it was, something fun that i can mix with casual and dressy outfits, it's perfect for work - and it looks good with my watch.


i've been wearing it for about two weeks and haven't taken it off yet! it's the exact size i needed - they have a sizing chart that was VERY helpful and i got my measurement right on the first try. and their customer service is top notch. shout out to tara who helped me figure out exactly what i wanted engraved on my id, i was having a hard time deciding exactly how it should be worded (i have some medicine allergies in addition to having diabetes so i have a bit more info to squeeze in)

i also saw lots of other cool products on the site - kids medical ids, silicone wrist bands, temporary tattoos, awesome ladies cuffs that i was very tempted by, men's ids that weren't too 'bracelet-like' and all kinds of different stones and pretty designs that definitely made it hard to choose ... along with TONS of other id options!

if you're in the market for a new medical id (or even if you're not, you might just want to buy an extra!), check out lauren's hope. and you should probably head over to facebook and like their page, they're posting a coupon code this afternoon! 

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