Wednesday, July 10, 2013

my diabetes real life community: meet elizabeth

i'm introducing my friends who i know in 'real life' that have diabetes.

today, you get to meet elizabeth. we met through a mutual acquaintance when she was diagnosed with diabetes and have stayed in touch thanks to social media even though she doesn't live near me anymore!

elizabeth is a marketing manager for a healthcare consulting company based out of tampa, fl. she recently  moved to nashville with the company and gets works from home. she has a dog, miss molly, and just started a new relationship with a man that is very supportive of her being involved in the diabetes community.

what type of diabetes do you have?
Type 1

how long have you had it/when were you diagnosed?
I was diagnosed in February of 2006

can you tell us a quick summary of your diagnosis story? 
I started feeling bad and lost a lot of weight, not to mention my hair started falling out. I went to my primary care physician to get checked out and she diagnosed me with Type 2 diabetes and put me on Metphorman. It wasn't until I saw an Endocrinologist a couple of months later that I found out I had Type 1. I actually cried over it because at least with Type 2 I could have exercised, eaten healthy and taken a pill. I was terrified of needles and I remember it took me months to get over the fear. I still sometimes take a few minutes when I switch out my infusion site or insert my CGM.

how do you treat it (shots, pump, pen, etc)? do you use any other technlogies (CGM, etc)?
I’ve been using a pump (Animas Onetouch Ping) now for almost three years and I love it. Recently I upgraded to the new Dexcom G4!

what are some of your daily concerns, worries or considerations? 
I still worry when my blood sugar stays high for a few days and I can’t keep it down. I do worry when I feel something wrong with me that it’s something related to side effects of the diabetes.

what do you wish people without diabetes understood?
That I didn't cause this on myself by eat tons of oreos. Also I wish they realized if I want an oreo I’ll eat an oreo ... they don’t need to point out that I’m diabetic and shouldn't eat it.

how do you describe the feeling and symptoms of lows and to people who don't have diabetes?
 I get really weak and sleepy and my right hand shakes. Not sure why the left doesn't. It’s odd. I also getting extremely hungry.

what about the feeling and symptoms of highs? 
I get sleepy, it feels different than the low sleepy but I can’t explain the difference. I also get a really weird taste in my mouth and I get extremely moody!

what's your go-to treatment for lows? 
Juice boxes. I've tried the glucose tablets and gel packs but a 15 carb juice box usually does the trick.

what's your meal plan? do you follow a special diet? do you enjoy the same treats that 'everyone else' does?
I don’t really have a meal plan. I just try to eat healthy all around and occasionally I let myself have a burger or nuggets from McDonalds! I do eat whatever anyone else would eat and I don’t feel guilty if I want a bite or ice cream... or two... or three!

what diabetes myth do you wish would get busted? 
The myth of what causes it! I really would like to know why me?

what would you tell someone who was just diagnosed with diabetes?
That life will be different but it’ll begin to feel normal. I don’t even pay attention to the fact that I’m diabetic half the time. It’s just normal now to check my blood sugar and take insulin when I eat. Also with a healthy lifestyle you can live a great life. I would also tell them to be open about how the people around you treat you and your diabetes. You need a support system not a policing unit.

what's your favorite flavor cupcake? 
Do I have to choose just one? Today I would have to say lemon.

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  1. I was craving oreos the day I filled this out. lol.