Tuesday, July 2, 2013

my dexcom sensor.

many people i know (and some that i don't) are perplexed and amazed by my dexcom. as i've explained before, it's my continuous glucose monitor. i'm not required to wear it, but i chose to get one and i've had SUCH better control of my blood sugar since i've been using it - a little over a year.

i pretty much wear it 24/7, but sometimes i take a couple breaks between sensor changes. and yes, i'm a part of the three week club, i have worn a sensor for that long (even though it's not recommended by dexcom) and it's stayed accurate the whole time. and i also wear it on the back of my arm, which is also not the top choice of locations by dexcom. my husband is a pro at getting me all set up.

usually after a week or a week and a half the adhesive starts coming off around the edges so i use opsite flexifix ... cut out a rectangle in the middle to slide over the transmitter and my sweet husband puts that on for me too.

bought it off amazon, has lasted the whole year+ i've been using a cgm.

the most-often-asked question i get is what exactly is in my skin, or does it just sit on my skin, is there a needle, etc.

here's the big reveal (which you can also see on dexcom's site):

and no it doesn't hurt when the needle is inserted. i cringe and think it will every time, but it doesn't! i feel the needle go in, but there is no pain. probably because my husband knows to squeeze the area it's being put on, i learned (and taught him) with this awesome video.

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