Friday, April 22, 2011

sweatbetes bootcamp day three

well, i feel pretty good after day three.

last night, i did not feel pretty good. last night we did some exercises outside after our warm up, then ran AROUND THE BUILDING AND UP A HUGELY STEEP HILL. my ankle started bothering me towards the end, so i walked up the hill and jogged down. the trainer told me i didn't have to do the whole hill, but i am not half assing this. i was the last person, and i didn't care. i might have been slow, but i completed it.

i want to recap my blood sugar on these two days of 'real' classes.

wednesday, my pre-workout BG was 112. my post-workout BG was 78. i had set a temporary basal rate that was 50% of my regular basal rate. (educational moment: a basal rate is the amount of insulin my pump delivers every hour automatically, not the extra boluses of insulin i give myself when i eat or when i have high blood sugar). not bad! i ate after working out, so i avoided a low. WOOP WOOP!

so on thursday, i did the same thing. set my temp basal for 50% less than my regular rate. my pre-workout BG was 162. here's where it gets awesome. and by awesome i mean totally crappy and one of the many reasons diabetes is stupid.

after the workout i felt AWFUL. i felt like i was moving in slow motion, it took me so long to walk to my car. i thought it was that second day slump, where you feel worse but then start feeling better after that. my arms felt like weights, it hurt to move. when i checked my blood sugar, it was 48. 48 PEOPLE. i went from 162 to 48 IN AN HOUR. and i didn't 'feel' low! the day before my temp basal calculation worked perfectly! i was mad. i mean, i was glad when i felt better after my BG was back in normal range, but i was pissed that it was so low. why didn't the temp basal work? when i started HIGHER than the day before? was it because we did different exercises? because we ran more? because it was thursday? because the sky is blue? because i wore a purple shirt? WHO KNOWS?

welcome to the world of diabetes calculations.

and i suck at math.


  1. Your activity can make a huge impact on your blood sugar. It does for me. If running drains you more than another activity, that could be why. I tend to go low after weight training, but not cardio. It's just something I'm gettng used to.

    Also, what was your insulin on board? Was it higher than the day before? I've also always been taught that temp basals need to be set BEFORE the workout, not during. Insulin takes awhile to act, so the basal rate during your workout is actually the insulin you took 1-2 hours prior to your workout. Just something to consider.

    I also never feel low when I workout. It's enormously frustrating and scary.


  2. If it makes you feel better, I'll admit that I'm terrible with math too. :-)

  3. thanks allison, i have been starting my temp basal about 30 minutes before ... maybe i should set it sooner ...


  4. I always set it an hour before. I know how annoying all this is. I feel it encourages me to NOT work out. UGH.

  5. I feel your pain and annoyance. Weights suck all the sugar out of my blood for many hours after; cardio makes me go low immediately, and even with pump turned off, then a few hours later HIGH for no good reason. Bastard. The D-math, especially w/ exercise, is so freaking complicated. Haven't figured out what to do about that yet. You, keep up the good work--you're doing ah-may-zing!! Serious. Don't stop now!