Thursday, February 6, 2014

american girl

i loved american girl when i was growing up. i read ALL the books (at the time, there were only kirsten, molly and samantha), i got the magazine and i had two of the dolls. plus i had bitty baby. i even bought my niece bitty baby when she was little - her first 'real' doll.

now, american girl is a HUGE company. they have almost 20 characters now, books, crafts, movies, a web site with all kinds of resources for young girls - the list goes on and on. they also have dolls that are made to look like girls. so a girl can pick out their hair color, hair style, color of their eyes, if they have freckles, they pick their clothes and accessories ... there are even wheelchairs, services dogs, braces, hearing aids, glasses and food allergy lunch accessories!

but what did you not see on that list?

anything related to diabetes. no insulin pumps. no CGMs. no insulin pens. no supply bags. no glucose monitors. what's up with that, american girl?

anja and her american girl doll

well, anja busse, a lovely 11-year-old who was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, wants that to change. and she's doing something about it! her mom ingrid sent me an email this week and asked if i'd sign their petition. i did, and you should too!

it's really simple. head on over here and watch the adorable anja's pitch to american girl. then, fill out the info on the right side of the screen - that's it!

the petition needs a little over 98,000 more signatures, and i know with the power of the internet and social media, we can totally make that happen.

please join me and help anja and all the young girls with diabetes enjoy an their american girl dolls with accessories that really make the dolls just like them.

once you've signed the petition, spread the word!


  1. When I was little, my mom called their doll hospital to get Molly a hospital bracelet to match my Medic Alert bracelet.

  2. I had Kirsten and Samantha and my friend had Molly. Those were all the dolls back in the good ole days!

    She DOES need diabetes accessories!