Monday, February 3, 2014

captain novolin

on saturday night, we hung out with our awesome neighbors watching jimmy fallon clips (don't be jealous of my wild and crazy weekends). one segment he has on his show was do not game, where he showed video games that he doesn't recommend.

one of the video games was captain novolin.

WHAT? am i late to the party? why did i not know this existed? probably because i didn't have super nintendo or play many video games. if you haven't heard of it, watch this clip (skip to 1:49).

Captain Novolin is the only one who can stop such evil aliens as Blubberman and rescue the diabetic mayor of Pineville who was kidnapped by evil aliens. Throughout the game, Captain Novolin needs to avoid the alieninvaders who have the appearance of junk food items such as bouncing cookies and doughnuts while eating healthy meals to keep his blood glucose within a safe zone. Captain Novolin can die if his blood glucose level goes too high or low. Players can earn bonus points by correctly answering questions that relate to diabetes. In addition, the game has a feature whereby a diabetic player can specify the frequency of their real-life insulin injections. [wikipedia]

this game sounds intense. bouncing cookies and doughnuts, insulin injections, captain novolin can die if his glucose levels are too high or low. it's like... real life.  i guess since i was diagnosed at 17, i didn't hear about these cool games as a kid.

has anyone played it?

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