Tuesday, February 18, 2014

thrifting with diabetes

as many of my friends and family know, my husband and i are big into thrifting and vintage stuff.

we love to check out different thrift stores, peddlers malls, vintage shops and yard sales. we watch american pickers, thrift hunters, antique roadshow (ok, that show bores me. but he likes it!), toy hunter, pawn stars and more.

we went there!

for the past couple of weekends we've been finding more hidden treasure shops, and there's one common denominator. low blood sugar.

what is this, target? (ok, i searched forever to find a post about lows at target. i swear someone wrote one. but i can't find it. maybe that means i should write it ... long story short, shopping at target causes lows for some reason.)

we've been eating healthier this year too, which means no lingering highs from loading up on crappy carbs. that's a great thing - but not when i forget that walking around all day means i will slowly drop. and then not realize it because i'm busy shopping until the dexcom screams or i feel all shaky and he has to ask if i'm okay.

smart, right? (yeah yeah. i know.)

she lives in our basement. LOVE.

with spring just around the corner (PLEASE PLEASE BE JUST AROUND THE CORNER!), that means one big thing - yard sales. more walking around!

thrifted (and painted) cabinet, pretty much all the glasses are vintage too

i'm going to have to create a 'don't go low' bag or pouch and carry it with me. fruit snacks, juice box, glucose tabs, crackers with peanut butter ... whatever it takes. this business can't interfere with the business of thrifting!


  1. Seems to me the perfect excuse to pick up a vintage bag or backpack or something... gotta have something fun to serve as your thrifting d-kit! :) I remember talk in the DOC about Target and lows, too, but I don't remember who wrote it. Maybe it was a Twitter discussion?

    1. ohhh i love the idea of picking up a vintage bag!!

      it might have been a discussion on twitter ... maybe i need to write about it ;)