Thursday, July 21, 2011

christmas in july (a thank you)

'twas the night before payday, when all through my brain.
trying to figure out how to pay for medical supplies, oh what a pain.
the supplies that i had sat ready to use.
if i ran out of them, i might've blown a fuse. 

most people were passed out in their comfy beds,
no thoughts of medical expenses running through their heads.
with my friends on twitter, i chatted in the dark,
waiting for my brain to flick on an idea, like a spark.

the next day on the phone, there was such a clatter,
the customer service reps didn't understand what was the matter.
in my anger i searched for something to smash,
ok, let's be real, i'm not the type of person to thrash.

this wasn't the first time they had given me an issue,
my emotions almost led me to grab a tissue.
when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
an email from two magical DOC dears.

with just a quick note, so sincere and sweet,
my DOC friends had a solution, it was quite the treat.
i was a little hesitant to agree,
weren't there others who needed this more than me?

with insets and lancets and cartridges, oh my,
alcohol swabs, glucose tablets, all there, i might cry!
"a small box" was soon to be near,
then a bigger than small box was suddenly here!

my heart was full, i was so happy...
take a seat y'all, it's about to get sappy.
i couldn't believe the kindness they sent,
it was so amazing, to twitter i went!

i was oh so grateful, i said in one tweet,
i couldn't believe these girls - so sweet!
more than words can say; thank you isn't enough,
i can't express how i feel about getting this stuff.

i was beside myself with the support that they sent,
they seemed to know how much it meant.
we're all here to support when in need,
many people i shared with agreed.

the southern hospitality was received,
delivering help and love was achieved!
sometimes this phrase means the real thing-it is truly smart,
to the two amazing girls i say ... bless your heart.


  1. This is amazing, the poem and the story.

    It warms my heart to know that people really are selfless and will help those in need.

    xoxo - crystal

  2. How wonderful!!!!!

    The DOC amazes me...where else can you find people that treat you like family, even though you've never actually met them. I ♥ ♥ ♥ the DOC! Awesome post. :)

  3. This is fantastic!! This what we are here for! Support. I am so happy that those two lovely ladies could be there for you when you needed it most.