Monday, July 11, 2011

it's too humid

to blog. or do work. or play. or move.'s not really the HEAT, it's the HUMIDITY. i have walked outside twice today and thought i was going to suffocate on the hot, thick air.

the heat affects my blood sugar sometimes ... depending on how hot it is and what i'm doing.

does the heat affect your blood sugar?


  1. Um yea... too humid.

    Totally makes my BGs jump all around like an Arby's sign (Kerri attribution warranted here).

    This is why I'm a fan of air conditioning... and could actually melt otherwise. Also explains why I'm not the biggest fan of camping, and don't do well on those excursions.

  2. YES!! i thought i'd go low at disney with all the walking, but i was actually high all day! it has to have been the heat.

    i'd hate to see what would've happened if we'd actually had to wait in line! ;)

  3. i was so glad to have the CGM, i saw what the excitement of the rides did to my BGs!

  4. Hope it's better today where you are!

    It was super hot here (Chicago) yesterday and today still pretty hot. Seems like I run lower when it is hot out. Had two lows today! :/