Monday, July 25, 2011


sunday morning, i woke up early, sweating and shaking with low blood sugar. i stumbled to the kitchen, tested, chugged some apple juice and went back to bed.

a few hours later, i woke up because my site HURT. i was so confused, i thought maybe i just rolled over on my tubing and it was pulling and not comfortable, so i pulled my pump under my body to the other side to relieve the tension. ...and fell back asleep.  i woke up a little bit later because the site was still irritating me. when i reached down - yep. i had pulled it half way out. YAY FUN TIMES!

i did my site change and carried on with my day. my blood sugar was 148, so it must not have been out for too long.

then, sunday night, right before i was going to take a shower, i grabbed my pump to suspend it and IT CAME OFF. the second one of the day! it didn't rip, it just pulled right off my skin, gently. sigh. it didn't have enough 'sticky.'

i know i'm not the only one this has happened to, MAN, how annoying!

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  1. With all the hot and the humid and sweat and the outdoors and whatnot, my infusion set tape isn't sticking so well either. Yay summer?