Thursday, July 7, 2011

someone should give us money. or supplies.

after spending an hour on the phone with my mail order prescription company today ... and paying a nice big chunk of money for prescriptions that I MUST HAVE TO LIVE AS A HEALTHY HUMAN BEING, i have decided that we should have some super rich person pay for all of our supplies that we need to live as healthy people with diabetes.

we could just write some celebrity a letter, right?

i'll keep dreaming. where'd i plant that money tree?


  1. Bill gates am squarely looking at

  2. or that facebook guy. zuckerburg? or maybe someone WITH diabetes. tracy morgan? ohhh what about WILFORD BRIMLEY??? ;)

  3. I'm just waiting for Manny Hernandez to make it big, and then he'll be that guy.... Yes, supplies please!!!

  4. Let's write the letter to a diabetic hottie... ♥ Bret Michaels ♥ are you listening??? :)