Friday, July 22, 2011

back to bootcamp

so i am back at another bootcamp. i had about a month off in between. and, uhhhhh there will be no more 'month off' between any exercising. holy what a difference.

this bootcamp is three times a week ... i started last week.

i really like this one, it's fun, they mix it up like the last place. i like the people there, i don't really talk to a lot of them but most of the time we're busy, ya know, exercising. last night i was partnered with a girl who was really nice, she has had a few knee surgeries (i gathered from the scars she has similar to my sisters) ... some of the exercises i do are modified since i can't run or jump. i get frustrated because i know mentally i am capable of running in place, or jumping up and down ... but when i actually do those things, my legs remind me that nope, sorry, you can not do those things. my partner was very nice and said, 'hey, at least you're here doing what you can!' good call nice partner, good call.

well, one thing that is different is they try to throw some fun, different activities at us. last night ... relay race. it was like a flashback to grade school.

we had teams of five, each team had one guy (not many guys in this bootcamp). first we had to row on the ...rowing machine? i should remember the name since i was going to row in high school and went to practice for a few weeks. until i decided i valued my sleep. then we had to go to those jazzercise steps that were stacked three high and either jump on them or step. then we had to do burpees. so we had a certain number of each activity we had to do - but the kicker was, only one person on your team could be doing an exercise at a time.

i was the only person on my team that knew how to row correctly, so i went first. HA. i mean, it was a RACE, so i hauled ass. as fast as i could, as long as i could. until i said i needed someone else to take over and could not stop my hands from shaking long enough to undo the foot straps, then almost fell over when i went to stand up because my legs were shaking so bad.

and because of the whole compartment syndrome thing, i am not allowed to jump. so we went to the step next, and i did take my turn, twice. i stepped up. and i felt like i was weaker, i didn't do very many. i was so shaky that i was convinced that my blood sugar was low. i shakily wobbled went to the other room to get my meter and checked my blood sugar. 139. ugh, i was just that fatigued?

we did burpees last. i did like ten of them. i was FOR SURE that i was going to pass out. i have never passed out in my life (knock on wood), but i was certain that this is what it felt like right before you pass out.

i didn't pass out.

my arms and legs felt like jello. it hurt to hold up my water bottle. my leg shook when i pushed in the clutch. i was like a grandma getting out of my car when i got to the grocery after bootcamp. it took me a minute to get going this morning. my arms hurt after i have typed this whole blog. (sounds pathetic.) but i know that this is a good thing, that means i'll be stronger next time. it will hurt a little less (RIGHT?).

and oh yeah, my team won the relay race. ;)

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