Thursday, July 14, 2011


the other day i saw this image on pinterest of a bobbypin and it said:

[insert choice cuss word that starts with F] everywhere. click here if you dare
(because it's funny. but it's not for children's eyes. or ears. watch your mouth.)

so anyway, i had two thoughts.
one: that is funny and true.
two: you know what ELSE is everywhere? test strips.

i decided to take a few pictures as examples ... and these are from just two days. i swear they multiply. maybe they can get lost together and breed and make new test strips and then it will save us lots of money.

also: ignore my dirty car floor and such.

kitchen floor.  

car floor. there were  two others but i didn't feel the need to show them all. 
and i don't know how they get on my floorboard??

bottom of my purse. surprised there weren't seventy-thousand.

drawer in my nightstand.

floor of my office.

there are more ... somewhere. hiding. 


  1. Ah, the 'bread crumbs' of a PWD. haha They truly end up in the oddest places!!


  2. ok I am repinning that!

  3. They are!! It's so funny you blogged about this today because I found one in the back of my second drawer of my desk..Somewhere that my diabetes supplies have never been! I'm thinking how in the world did that get there!

  4. I would have them everywhere, except my sweet wife keeps pointing them out everywhere and making me pick them up. :^)

    The ones at the park are not mine, though; I swear!

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  6. my sweetie, who is a wonderful ceramics/pottery artist, made me some little pots to put on my bedstand and sidetable next to the couch, to collect the used strips where so many regularly accumulated. one said strip has been hanging out on the garage floor for weeks now. I greet it every morning as I get in the car. no idea how it got there, and i don't feel like picking it up quite yet. (i know, i'm such a geek).

  7. When I got in my car yesterday morning, there was one outside of my car. This might not be so unusual, except I don't have parking at my apartment and I have to park on the street. They're following me!