Sunday, April 3, 2011


so yeah, i have that. there's not much more to it. i think i've had bronchitis once before this time. i forgot how much it sucked. i'm used to sinus infections, i can deal with those pretty easily.

but man, coughing hurts. especially when your chest hurts - ya know, like every time you breathe in ... luckily that's not happening as consistently now. and i took a long nap when i got home today and felt a little better when i woke up.

and my  blood sugars were hanging out in the high 100s and low 200s for like two days ... at least now i know why, and i think the medicine is really starting to kick in because i had a low blood sugar today. and i ate. like, i was hungry. score.

but now i can't stop sneezing! blah. at least my fever is down some. and my voice sounds GOOOOD.

and in case anyone was wondering, bronchitis is only contagious if you cough it on someone. (yes, i asked.) 

and YES i wore the mask in the waiting room at the doctor. i shoulda taken a picture of that. sexy.


  1. boo for being sick! hope those drugs are helping.

  2. ugh. I hate that we have to worry about not only getting better, but also about getting better while managing Diabetes. Feel better!!