Thursday, May 26, 2011

back to the endo!

a few things ...

  1. when dr. awesome tells you, 'your control isn't five star, but it's pretty close,' it feels pretty good ... but 7.4 is not a number i'm happy with. :/ personal goal. it could be related to my meter accuracy reading that was 30 points off (for real), either way, i want it lower.
  2. i got info about CGMs!! i'm sure i'll have lots of questions soon, so look for a post about that coming up. :)
  3. dr. awesome told me that he's sent a few people to my blog! woop woop! sooo, if you have been sent here by dr. awesome, lemme know! YAY! i'm glad you stopped by :D

ps. i totally told him that i call him dr. awesome in my blog. hehehe. ...he said thank you. :)


  1. that makes me laugh. yay for having an endo you like, enuf to nickname him dr awesome. btw, he sounds awesome referring patients to your blog! congrats on the a1c..really thats a great number considering how difficult a beast diabetes can be at times.

  2. Woot woot! ;) So glad it went well, and yay for all the goodness like HbA1c, CGM INFO!!! and dr. awesome referrals! Geez, that's a great appt. Aren't dr. awesomes just--awesome? ;) I'm excited for you about potential CGM. it's really changed my life. Happy weekend!!