Thursday, March 10, 2011

diabetes burnout.

we've all had it. (well, everyone in the DOC. they know what's up.) sometimes it lasts a day, sometimes it lasts a few days. you're just OVER it. whether it's being tired of counting carbs and calculating insulin, or tired of checking your blood sugar, or tired of seeing numbers that are higher than you want them to be, or tired of eating over and over to keep correcting lows, it happens to all of us.

that was yesterday for me. one of those days when your first blood sugar check in the morning is three digits and the first digit is a THREE. and it sucked that it happened on a wednesday, because i was in no mood to participate in the dsma chat. then i felt bad ... but when i logged on to twitter about halfway through the chat, to let everyone know that i was having a burnout day and wasn't in the mood, i felt better. because they get it. they know what it means, they didn't make me feel bad, they just said they understood. that's all i needed. they just said 'talk to you tomorrow,' and i moved on. no asking questions about why, what does diabetes burnout mean, what caused it, why can't you just get over it, nothing like that. i got my shower, checked my blood sugar for the millionth time, took insulin yet again, and went to sleep. it was just one of those days.

and it was one of those days where i was mad at myself. i wasn't mad because i didn't know why my blood sugar was so high, i knew. i didn't calculate correctly. which just made me more angry and then i didn't want to wait to eat because my blood sugar needed to come down some. those days are a vicious cycle, and i'm glad i don't have them a lot, but still, they happen to all of us.

so now, i move on. my blood sugar was 139 before breakfast this morning, and i'm shooting for numbers in the 100s ALL DAY. self control, good food choices. i'm all over it.

found in a google search and it made me laugh.

suck it, burnout.

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  1. ((Hugs)) ... very much felt the same way and pulled back from DOC a bit, then think to myself NO! you can't do that! They are the only ones that 'get it'...DOC rocks!...and LOVE that shirt! LOL