Tuesday, March 8, 2011

that's a first.

i change my infusion set every three days. last night was one of those times. so i got all my stuff out, went to fill my cartridge and when i pulled the insulin bottle from the box, it was empty. empty. people, IT WAS EMPTY. annnnd then i started panicking. why? because on friday, i opened the last 'new' bottle of insulin and was throwing out the empty one. my new prescription has been sent to my mail order pharmacy company, and it is on it's way, just not here yet. and guess what i did? for the first time in 10 years ... i. threw. away. a. full. bottle. of. insulin. and kept the empty one. sigh.

i remembered that i had changed my site at my man's house. i called him, knowing that he was about to come to my house for dinner, HOPING he was still at home. i told him what i did, and of course, that trash had already been taken out and picked up. sigh again.

i was trying to figure out what to do, and i called my doctor's exchange line. told them what happened, and they said he'd call me. i had never done this before, i felt really dumb. my phone rang just a few minutes later, and OF COURSE i hit the wrong button and sent him to voicemail. fail again. he left a voicemail, saying 'this is dr. awesome, returning your page.' i called the number back, and left a voicemail (i probably sounded like a crazy panicking person) telling him what happened, asking for a prescription for one bottle at the local pharmacy. the exchange said if i hadn't heard from him in 30 minutes to call back. i waited for him to call back, and he hadn't, so i called the exchange again. they got him on the phone and he said he had called it in. WHEW. safe.

when i got to the pharmacy to pick it up, i found that it was novolog ... i have always used humalog. (humalog and novolog are fast-acting insulins that are used in insulin pumps - but not just insulin pumps, they can be injections also) i thought they were the same, but just to be safe i asked a few friends in the DOC. they all confirmed, they act the same, some people might have different reactions so just pay attention. ...so far so good, my numbers aren't any different.

photos from insulindirect.com and diabeteshealth.com

hopefully that doesn't happen again in the next 10 years. or 20. or ever.


  1. oh my! we all have those facepalm moments! glad you were able to get some insulin, even if it was the wrong kind. hope you're feeling better!

  2. Ugh, sounds like practically everything that could go wrong did!!! Stupid trash pick up - couldn't it have waited a few more days?? :P I'm glad you got it all straightened out and that the novolog is working fine for you.