Friday, March 4, 2011


yeah, about that.

i need to.

i can list the reasons ... all the reasons we already know why exercise is good for you. feel better (physically and mentally), look better, better blood sugar, helps with cholesterol, blood pressure ... the list goes on and on.

but ever since my injury, i've found it really hard to get myself going. my ankle is still sore on some days, it still hurts to jump, i am terrified to run because i don't want to hurt myself again (and i don't want to risk more shin splints/leg fractures), and i just need to ease into it. i know that with exercise my ankle will start to strengthen up and feel better, i just need to start moving.

i've noticed that my ankle is still swollen, or maybe just has a new shape, ever since that whole thing. i noticed this most last week when i was at the mall trying on these awesome boots. the left one slid on just perfectly. YAY! went to put on the right one but the angle of the boot, lack of zipper and the width of my ankle made for a bad combo. i couldn't get the boot on. i tried for at least five minutes, got pissed and left the store. determined, i came back to that store on my way out of the mall and MADE my foot go in the boot (hey, they are CUTE BOOTS. and i have been CRAVING slouchy brown boots since like, november.)

ginger has good things to say. inspiring things that make me wanna get off my ass and go do something, but then that fear overcomes me. i used to LOVE to go to zumba. it was a good workout, fun, and time with my friends a few nights a week! but i don't think my ankle can handle it just yet. and i'm not the kind of person who can go and 'take it easy' and half-ass it until i feel better. i feel like i'm wasting the time/money if i'm not going to REALLY work out.

until then, i guess i just need to put on my tennis shoes (and my ankle support, it will help, i know it but i don't want to depend on it) and start walking. take it easy, but still get active.

maybe i'll be a mall walker ...

but then i'll just be tempted into buying more boots.

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  1. I'm in the same place. With my ankle. Although truthfully, I'm less worried about injuring it and more put off by the thought of exerting myself.

    I'll be sending you motivational vibes!