Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DSMA march blog carnival

exercise does a body good

at first i wasn't sure how i'd be participating in the blog carnival this month. and then i realized, get real, you are not the only person in the world having a hard time getting your ass off the couch.

plus, the whole exercise theme was a good motivator to get moving! now, i am in the very beginning stages of becoming more active, but i plan to keep writing about it here and there and let everyone know how i'm doing (all 11 of you who read this). last week i started by going for a walk. a good walk, a long one. and i even tried to jog a bit - and my shins reminded me of what it felt like before. no running, fine. i can live with that.

sunday, my man and i spent almost the whole day trimming branches and overgrown weeds in his yard. i knew my body would feel it the next day, and it sure did. my thighs and back were hurting - but it was that good, familiar hurt that you have after an awesome workout.

my favorite types of workouts are the ones that don't feel like exercise. the walk was nice because i was enjoying the weather. the yard work was good for the yard and me ... and my choice for last night was fun and something i'll keep doing! :)

i think that sparked something for me, because sitting at my desk on monday, i was thinking about what i could do for exercise when i got home after work. decision: bike ride! i got my bike out of my storage unit, dusted her off, put air in the tires and off i went.

i brought along my camera because i was excited about the little signs of spring i've been seeing around ... so here is my first exercise story, in pictures (and some captions, of course)!

pumpin' up my tires (you like that pump pun? you know you did.)

and we're off! yay for the weeping willow's green blooms! oh shit. the geese. have i discussed my issue with the geese? they're jerks. these seemed to leave me alone...

THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE. as i rode through these geese, they all yelled at me. but they stayed away. 

HUGE bed of bright flowers. so cheerful! :)

check out my new shades. love 'em. (no mom, i was not riding and photographing. i stopped for this one. it was super windy and felt great!) 

i remember picking these as a kid ... making necklaces, coloring the sidewalk with the yellow of the petals... and i remember mom hating them in our yard. haha 

LOVED this tree! and my cute bike. with a basket held on by a ribbon until someone buys me a real bike basket (hint hint people, hint hint.)

baseball practice has started ... i can almost taste the rainbow sno-cones! i haven't had one in YEARS. might need to make a special trip this year.

that sign should have GEESE on it. not ducks. ducks are friendly and don't chase you. (i didn't take pictures of the two meanies at the end of my ride that started FOLLOWING ME and yelling at me after i rode by them)

This post is my March entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival. If you'd like to participate, you can get all of the information at http://diabetessocmed.com/2011/march-dsma-blog-carnival.


  1. yay! good for you! i'm trying to get more active too. we can do it! :)

  2. awesome. nice pics. i laughed out loud when you told your mum you werent riding and photographing. lol. deciding to get active is 90% of the battle. once you get going the other 10% takes care of itself cos it feels so darn good!

  3. well done on getting off the couch, and the warmer dryer weather always helps.
    thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  4. Oh yeah, I have a very hard time getting my ass off the couch too!!!! I'm glad you are fining things you enjoy - I need to work harder at that too. Love the scenery, bet it will inspire you into taking more bike rides. :)