Tuesday, March 15, 2011

thanks walgreens.

on sunday, as i got in my car from the grocery, i felt low. it hit me out of nowhere. i pulled my meter out and tested. 59. awesome. luckily (i was totally proud of myself at this moment for being prepared), i had a BRAND NEW bottle of glucose tablets that i had just bought last week in my car.

brand new = still shrink wrapped. low blood sugar + shrink wrapped glucose tablets = not a good combination.

not only were they shrink wrapped, they had this fun little advertising booklet on top of the bottle, asking me if i was prepared. oh yes, i am prepared! yay me! i'm low and have grape (aka delicious) glucose tablets! score! let me take you step by step through what happened. 

i tried to pull back the top of the shrink wrap using the perforated holes on top ... oh wait, i couldn't GET to the top edge of the shrink wrap because it was UNDER the awesome booklet asking me if i was prepared.

after i got the not at all annoying awesome advertisement peeled off, i was able to pull off the shrink wrap and pop open the lid.

oh YAY! the safety seal. so glad they have that seal. with the stupid piece of thin plastic that you are supposed to stand up straight and pull - and the rest of the seal is supposed to just magically come off with it, right? NOT WHAT HAPPENS. my shaking-low-blood-sugar-hands were NOT cooperating. the damn thing wouldn't budge.

i took my keys and stabbed the seal. not once, twice or even three times. it took FOUR. KEY. STABS. to get a hole in the damn seal. then i had to try to rip a hole big enough to get a tab out. i was so annoyed.

really walgreens? do we need that many safety seals? NOT HELPFUL in me being prepared for my low blood sugar. yeah, i could have had it already opened and ready to go, but let's be honest. who really does that right when they buy a bottle? (if you do, i don't want to hear about it. consider this your gold star!)

of course i took a picture!

good thing they were grape.


  1. You can send a black star to the jerk who poisoned Tylenol bottles in a drugstore years ago ... and the copycat a&&holes who then came after. The Tylenol crime occurred ten days before you were born. Seven people in the Chicago area died. No one was ever tried for the crime. The result was the mega-sealed bottles many people struggle with today ... on basically every foodstuff/drug in a removable top container. Calvin was right, "In my opinion, we don't devote nearly enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks."

  2. I totally agree with you. I had to laugh, Im the same, tho without a low BS, I still get frustrated at medicine bottles designed to keep kids out...im impressed you got into it!

  3. I mutilated an entire package of my emergency graham crackers once while trying to treat a low. Yes, I should have "pre-opened" them but the thought never occurred to me! Then I was trying to match up graham pieces so I didn't overtreat. Logic doesn't work when you're low. :)