Wednesday, March 9, 2011

mmm ... cookies.

it's that awesome time of year right now. GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME. they're at the grocery, stalking you on the way in and out. they're good, those girls. with the sweet faces, smiling and asking if you'd like to buy some cookies. um, yes i do. thank you for asking so nicely! you take a check? even better, i'll buy MORE boxes!

i waited a few weeks before i bought my favorites (thin mints and samoas, duh). i  bought two of each because they are my man's favorites also, so that's our allotment for the year (or until we decide to buy just one more box).

now i had talked to my sister last weekend about the cookies, she already had hers. she said that the girl scouts have a new baker this year, and she said the samoas taste a bit different, and the thin mints have a scalloped edge. WHAT? why change a good thing??

when my man got to my house on monday (ya know, the same night that i had no insulin, i bought cookies. awesome timing), i was making dinner and he opened the box for a samoa. i told him what my sister said, and as he bit into it, he said it tasted the same but it was smaller. SMALLER? but the same price? what a rip. (like that would ever stop us from buying them, please.)

exhibit A:  

they are a smidgen smaller. i bet they're going to keep doing that, just like cadbury eggs get smaller every easter.

now on to the thin mints. when we looked at them, we noticed no scalloped edge. (different baker for different parts of the country? no way.) but we DID notice the sleeve was A MILLION TIMES SMALLER. WTF? seriously, it used to be the length of the box, and had that really thin plastic that kept ripping so you'd just have to keep eating them down to where the tear ended. um, look how much we're not getting now:

YEAH. people, try to tell me that is not LESS. and i think the cookies are thicker. so thicker cookie but LESS of them?? this is ridiculous. but oh so delicious. so we won't stop buying.

maybe we can work on serving size though, FOUR thin mints have 22 carbs. for real? can it be like, 10 thin mints have 22 carbs? that seems more realistic.

oh wait, i forgot, i have diabetes. i shouldn't be eating those. thanks diabetes police.


  1. I always thought they did have different bakers for different parts of the country. That's why in some places the same cookie has a different name. Where I grew up, the cookies were called "Caramel Delites", not "Samoas". And the other cookies were called "Peanut Butter Patties", not "Tagalongs".

  2. really? i heard some people saying this year that they changed the name of samoas to caramel delites ... but mine weren't called that!

  3. I used to work at the Girl Scouts, they do have different bakers for different places and the names are different in different regions. In Louisville, the baker is (or at least used to be) Little Brownie bakers. The recipes are somewhat different and sometimes they even have different types of cookies that you can't get other places.

  4. The girl scouts are good to the military or at least someone is for buying them. We have pallets of them running around. Ours still look the same as I remember and still are just as good. Really puts a hindrance on the whole trying to eat well and stay in shape but damn those little girls and their delicious cookies. haha

  5. Little Brownie Bakers covers our area (Louisville) and they make Tagalongs, Samoas and Thin Mints (no scalloped edges). Last I knew, the other is ABC Bakers (who makes Peanut Butter Patties, Carmel DeLites, and Thin Mints (with the scalloped edges) that serves the Cincinnati area among others. I know this because one of my friends has me get the Samoas for her since she does NOT like the Carmel DeLites nearly as much. Other cookies are different too. So to get the best of all worlds, take a short trip and sample them all. Those little smiling girls will love you!

  6. seriously, we need to talk to our friends in different parts of the US and start swapping cookies, i need to experience them all!!

  7. um...mine are "caramel delights" this year. and the thin mints are in a FOIL sleeve, not clear plastic.

    and they are NOT the same as they have been every other year. i am disappointed.

  8. decades ago..when I was a girl scout..(in northern IL)..they were caramel delights and peanut butter patties. none of this tag-along and samoa b.s.
    I was further insulted opening this year's foil wrapper to find 3 rows of 5 caramel delights. I know. I am selfish. And I do not like sharing these.
    On a positive note I'd like to say: THANK YOU Girl Scouts of America for saving me those 210 calories. Really. 3 cookies. 210 calories.
    I think that means I can have another- right?

  9. I just got some thin mints yesterday. Have yet to open them though as the emotional attachment to a cookie I only get once a year is deep. I would buy them no matter what (smaller, changed design, more expensive...). Go you for looking at the carb count. I always just SWAG and gorge myself. yummmm.....

    Also, they were Samoas at my dealer (I mean girl scout)'s table.