Thursday, March 31, 2011

my first d meet up!!!

yeah that's right. i met people. awesome people of course.

we talked about babies, diet coke, pumps, pods, meters, schools, work, food, kids, insulin, doctors, diagnosis, nutella, peanut butter and jelly in the same jar (nothankyou), blood sugars, DSMA, traveling, pictures (did you really think i wouldn't take any?), d-police, greys anatomy, ... and oh yeah, cupcakes.

these awesome people were there:

and this drooly adorable little guy came with his mommy and kept us entertained:

and we ate these:

and there were presents (i always like a surprise)!! thank you mike!:

i'd say it was a pretty successful meet up!!


  1. Sounds like a great D-Meetup, one with fun and gifts! People are certainly awesome.

  2. yay!!!! looks so fun! wish i could of been there! someday... :)

  3. Ok where did he get the coffee mug? Love it!!!!

  4. Hey Elizabeth,

    Glad you like the coffee mug. I drew the picture on it, and then added it to my store at . There's a whole section of items with that image on them.