Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sweatbetes bootcamp day one

well, let me put it this way.

i'm out of shape.

like, really. really really. 


the first class is an 'intro' class, where you get to meet one on one with an intern trainer (a college student that is going to school to be a personal trainer). the girl i was with was really nice, i told her about my ankle injury, diabetes, all those fun details.

so to start, she took my weight and body fat percentage. don'teventhinkaboutasking.

i felt like i was doing really well at first. we did some warm ups, easy stuff that totally left me out of breath that felt pretty good. i was all, hey hey look at me, i can skip, i can do knee lifts, i can kick my own butt while i run, i can swing my legs really high and i can do side lunges and grape vines. woop woop, I GOT THIS.


then we moved on. and she said 'don't overdo it in the warm ups, because the work outs can get pretty intense.'

um, probably should have thought of that when i was showing off to her during warm ups. way to go me.

i was sweating my ass off (for real, parts of my body sweating that haven't felt sweat since 2010), doing everything she was explaining, she was telling me i was doing a good job ... until i did lunges with a kettle ball.

then i felt sick. not like, i need a drink of water and to take a couple deep breaths ... more like, i have to sit down and try to get rid of the 'i am going to vomit' feeling. it was not cool. i have never felt that way exercising before. does that mean i've been doing it wrong? or not pushing myself hard enough? or am i just THAT out of shape? i'm guessing the last one.

so she was showing me some exercises and having me watch, i tried a couple. like, in slow motion. then she asked if i could do 10 'burpees'. ...see also: go down into a squat, jump your legs out, do a pushup, pull your legs back in, and jump in the air. over. and over. ten. times. haha, that's cute. thinking i can do that. so silly.

my body was pissed at me after i did one. it was all, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU? um, you failed when i was running. ankle, you twisted. and leg, you broke. this is your payback.

so instead she suggested we take a walk outside so i could get some fresh air. and she talked about taking my time and how the workouts will be different ... 'ya know, since you didn't really do a work out today, you just got winded.' uhh, this wasn't a workout? lord help me.

walking outside helped. then we did a few more exercises, took a lap around the building (walking instead of jogging today) and then stretches to cool down.

i felt embarrassed. i told her people think i'm 'in shape' because i don't look like i'm out of shape. she understood. she said don't get frustrated. she said don't feel bad. stick with it, you'll notice a difference in no time, you won't be out of breath walking up the stairs (yes, seriously people. from walking up TO THE SECOND FLOOR).don't feel bad because you have to sit out for a few minutes or go slower than the other people, it's not a contest. do what you can.

my 'post-bootcamp i lived to tell about it' face.
and my 'don't freak out, just keep going' poster.

so, i'll do that. and i'll be back tomorrow.


  1. Go you!!!

    Take it at YOUR pace, but also push yourself (you'll feel good about it).

    Be patient. That's the hardest part.

  2. You are so awesome to even be starting on this program. And I agree with the trainer, you will be surprised at how fast the exercises will start to get easier. You can do this - and it will feel great when you look back and see how much you accomplished!!

  3. My hat's off to you for doing this. You're AWEsome!