Tuesday, May 28, 2013

curiosity is never-ending

since it's a million degrees getting warm this time of year - it means one thing. (well it means MANY things but one thing for this story.) short sleeves. and sleeveless tops. and dresses. and that means another thing ... the dexcom is out for public view on my arm.*

of course, i never think about it. i've been wearing sleeves and sweaters all winter and since i switched jobs during the colder season, a lot of my new coworkers have never seen it. ...enter new questions. :) (everyone knows i love to educate and make sure people REALLY understand diabetes and the differences, etc)

i teach junior achievement to third graders. this semester's lesson just ended, but the seasons changed when i was teaching, and i showed up with short sleeves on one day - there were at least eight hands raised before i even started talking - everyone wanted to know what 'that thing on your arm is.'

sometimes the questions pop up from friends or random people i meet at a store who are curious, and i'm okay with that. i'd much rather have people ask than guess or assume.

which reminds me of when i borrowed a dexcom to wear for a week when my family went to disney world. my mom told me that when we were waiting to meet mike and sully (duh.), a little girl in line behind us asked her mom what was on my arm. her mom hushed her and told her to be quiet. i WISH i had heard them because i would have gladly explained it to them, it's normal for kids to be curious! ...if you ever see me and want to know, just ASK!

yes i awesomely cropped out the middle of this picture for privacy reasons

*yes, i wear my dexcom on the back of my arm. yes, dexcom suggests wearing it on your stomach. i promise i'm not the only one who does this. 

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