Thursday, May 30, 2013

dad's going to dr. awesome!

listen people. you know how i feel about my endo and his office. he is AMAZING (and i'm pretty sure i'm going to ask him at my appointment in a few weeks if he'll let me interview him for this here blog, i hope he says yes!).

well, anytime that someone mentions that they have to go to an endocrinologist for something, of course i promote him. and GUESS WHAT? my promoting paid off. ...well sort of, or maybe it's because i'm talking about my dad.

dad and me

dad had knee surgery a few weeks ago (he's recovering and doing pretty good, thanks for asking), and his post-surgery bloodwork revealed that he's having some thyroid issues. yeah, that's right. just like me. can it run in the family if the daughter shows signs of graves disease (see more here.) before the parent??

this dance is not what caused his knee surgery

anywho, he had an appointment with the family doc who said he needs to send an endo, and OF COURSE dad said he'd go to dr. awesome. :)

dad's appointment is the week before mine, coming up soon! is it weird that i'm excited* for him to see my endo??

*of course i'm not thrilled that he has to be treated for a medical condition but i'm glad he's going where the best care (in my opinion) is! 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I am getting married in February and can't wait to walk down the aisle and dance with my dad. =) Good luck to yours!