Wednesday, May 29, 2013

supply companies. [insert HUGE SIGH here]

yesterday i tweeted about the AWESOME (<<sarcasm font) service i get from edgepark medical supplies. and not suprisingly, there were a few people who agreed. jess, sara and steph have also had issues with them. i already have a headache just thinking about all the crap we've had to deal with.

i have given that company chance after chance. they've messed up billing, they've messed up delivery addresses, they send bills for random amounts ($16?) and when you call about it, they have no record of such a balance. i've been married for almost seven months and they STILL don't have my name right in their system, and every time i call it takes like five minutes to find me. married name, maiden name, first name? middle name - sidenote: i go by my middle name. which is SO HARD for people to understand. sigh. - no wait, it's hyphenated (umm, no it's not). 'oh yes i'll get it changed today.' are you sure? i was told that last time. and i've also tried to change it online.

they apparently set you up on auto refill plans even if you don't want them and have auto reminders call your phone every. single. day. until you respond,  and most recently, when i ordered a one month supply (because i'm switching insurances june 1) and placed a refill online, apparently it was part of a 'monthly supply program' that is automatically set up to fill your orders on the first of every month.

please explain to me how that makes sense. what if i didn't order my one month supply on the first of the month? is EVERYONE using that program (which, by the way, i did not ask to be enrolled in, they automatically set me up because i ordered a one month supply ONCE) required to order at the beginning of the month? what if you run out in the middle?

so, i placed my order last week. paid for it, got my confirmation email, it said i'd get a phone call when it shipped. ...usually when i do that, i get a phone call the next day. guess what. that was a week ago. so i called them, and she said it was that auto-refill crap, and it was scheduled to PROCESS on june 1. which meant that it wouldn't even SHIP on june 1, just process. then it would take 5-7 days to get it. OHEMGEE. i asked her what i needed to do to get that rushed. she said she'd make a note. so it is being processed today, and i'll get it in 5-7 days.

oh wait, i forgot one minor detail. i'm on my last infusion set, and tomorrow is site change day. THAT IS SO FANTASTIC. luckily, i have some old sets that i'm not a HUGE fan of but i will use them in a crunch like this, but i am so beyond annoyed with this place. jess said she TOLD edgepark how bad they were and they didn't have any apology! i can't even...

i asked for suggestions on twitter of where to get supplies, and i heard about a few places. so, june 1, when my insurance changes, i'll be checking out my options.

where do you get your medical supplies?


  1. They're idiots. I want to say they aren't because living 5 minutes from them, I've had a chance to meet several employees and like them. But...the company is moronic. Somehow they can track you down and call you after you've tweeted about them being awful, but they can't gather the right information about your insurance coverage to give you the correct answer the first time. EVERY SINGLE TIME they give me a dollar amount of a new pump or cgm, they get it wrong. Even when I warn them, "this is my deductible/ guys usually mess this up, so I'm telling you what it is from the start," they STILL mess up. OH...and their lobby is BRIGHT orange. I want to throw up every time I walk in to pick up supplies (I hate letting them ship supplies).

  2. I get my pump supplies directly from Medtronic. They're covered (mostly) under the durable medical part of my insurance. If it helps, I've probably got a few extra sets I can send... let me know if you need them.

  3. I had called last week, about that $15 charge and ALSO because I kept getting emails from them that there was something wrong with my auto-ship order. when i called, it was because it is too early to be filled. i have to wait two weeks. i was like, WHY WERE YOU AUTO FILLING IT THEN. i was worried that something was wrong with my new insurance. nope, everything is fine. they just sent me 4 notifications to confirm an order they can't process for a few weeks. the emails said it was urgent and that their might be a problem with my insurance or dr. info. thanks for making me freak out and use up an entire lunch break for things that were all wrong on your end, edgepark. i'm tempted to switch to liberty, but i'm not sure it will be any better. i don't know anyone who uses them...

  4. I only get my Dexcom from Edgepark, and pump supplies directly from Animas. They are pretty good with "oh crap you need that." Although they "aren't allowed" to delete my old address from their accounts, so I do have to review the shipping address every time I call.

    1. i get my pump stuff through animas too. only get dexcom and strips from edgepark. who do you get your strips from?

    2. I get my dexcom sesors directly from them. I get pump supplies from Edgepark (for now) and I had to get strips from a pharmacy with my insulin - Rightsource ...might change with my new insurance

  5. I don't have problems as much with the supplier as I do with my insurance company. I get my supplies from Costco, and I can usually get them in a couple days (which is so nice), but I have so many problems with processing my insurance plans (the companies both say the other should pay) I have had to resort to old supplies as well some days. It sucks, I wish you luck and hope you get the supplies ASAP!

  6. I use Edgepark for my test strips; they can bill my medical insurance for them as DME (and it seems NO ONE else can, and buying it as a prescription charges me more). Overall, I've had nagging annoyances but no real problems with them. However, when I talk to them on the phone, they tell me "oh, sure! we can do that!" and I hear no clattering of a keyboard or anything to indicate that they ARE really doing whatever it is that I'm asking. I like that I can order from them online without talking to anyone.

    My pump and CGM supplies are ordered directly through Medtronic. I always call to order them (which is a real pain), because their website doesn't acknowledge my insurance and makes it look like I'll be paying retail. Not comforting. Previously, I ordered them through my prescription plan (CVS/Caremark), but when my DME coverage made it cheaper for me, I switched.

    Insulin and Synthroid come from Caremark. A few years ago, they notified me that they'd stop sending the insulin with ice-packs (only an insulated pouch) unless the temperatures were forecast to exceed a certain temp. Thankfully, they've never stopped, even in the cold winters -- I wouldn't be too confident if they did.

  7. Since they're a local company (to me), I'm apprehensive to switch. Everything medical and mail order gets mess up in my life though. I have everything shipped to my office so I don't have medical supplies sitting on my front porch all day. On my last order, I had to argue with the woman that I HAD met my deductible already and was indeed covered, then I had to call again and make them process because their special OmniPod billing department "got behind."
    It raises the blood sugar.

  8. As much as I am currently frustrated with Edgepark, CareCentrix was so much worse!

    I just don't understand how I can delete my home address from EVERYWHERE except the billing address section (because, duh!) and still get my pump supplies delivered to my home. At least they made that mistake on a non-temperature sensitive item. :|