Monday, May 6, 2013

derby and diabetes blog week

so let's pretend i'm writing more than one post a month, k?

yesterday i had a fun little derby related cartoon over at diabetes mine - you should check it out.

the husband and i actually left town over the weekend for a little trip to nashville - i love derby but we would have watched from a tv somewhere in town so it wasn't much different (and was way less crowded). the two weeks leading up to derby are AWESOME in louisville - i enjoyed that ... but if we had gone, nothing could beat last year's oaks day when we got engaged!

anywho, we made our bets ... and didn't win. i'm not even sure the horse i picked finished the race. i'm REALLY good at gambling.

in other news, next week is diabetes blog week! i missed it last year, so i'm aiming for completion this go 'round. that's a high goal - FIVE posts in a week?!! i can do it. i used to do it all the time!

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