Thursday, May 16, 2013

diabetes blog week: accomplishments big and small

We don’t always realize it, but each one of us had come a long way since diabetes first came into our life. It doesn’t matter if it’s been 5 weeks, 5 years or 50 years, you’ve done something outstanding diabetes-wise. So today let’s share the greatest accomplishment you've made in terms of dealing with your (or your loved one’s) diabetes. No accomplishment is too big or too small - think about self-acceptance, something you’ve mastered (pump / exercise / diet / etc.), making a tough care decision (finding a new endo or support group / choosing to use or not use a technology / etc.).

sometimes it seems small ... to have a day that's a no hitter. but when you add up those days here and there, it shows that i have gained much better control of diabetes.

for all people with diabetes, learning how different foods/emotions/activities/etc affect their body and blood sugar is a challenge. after 13 years, i really feel like i've got a good handle on it. that doesn't always mean i have perfect blood sugar (i am diabetic after all), but i know what's going to make my blood sugar go crazy. 

it's a challenge, just like anything else - and i hope that others who are struggling with getting there realize they will get there. it takes time and learning and listening to your body, but you will get there and feel great about it. 

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