Thursday, February 3, 2011

the ambulance.

maybe you will remember my excitement of moving to a new office with a WALL OF WINDOWS!!

well, my office is located between many doctors offices, as well as two very busy hospitals. the intersection i can see out of my windows is busy ALL. DAY. LONG. it never stops. cars waiting. cars honking, cars flying through lights as they turn red, people rushing, people lost, the occasional crazy girl running between cars and jumping fences (this seriously happened, police were called). it's a source of distraction and entertainment, but also has one downfall.

the constant traffic of ambulances - with sirens, driving patients to the hospitals, in emergency. the curse is not that i hear and see the ambulances, it is the anger i feel when i turn around (i always turn to look when i hear one coming) and see the cars just SIT THERE. they DON'T MOVE. the 'main' road is five lanes wide each direction. FIVE. LANES. right turn lane, two straight, two left turn. and somehow, ambulances have to creep along, honking and blowing their sirens like crazy and people STILL DON'T MOVE. it's not like they have nowhere to go. if the light is red, eventually people will roll into the intersection so that the ambulance can get through. it's not like they're waiting to move because traffic hasn't stopped from the other direction, NO ONE is moving. there is NO TRAFFIC going ANYWHERE.

what is wrong with you? what if you were in that ambulance? what if your grandparent, parent or child was in the ambulance? what if they were minutes away from getting the help they need and don't make it because they couldn't get through cars that wouldn't get out of the way?

i guarantee if you, driver who isn't moving out of the way because you are texting, or reading emails, or changing the radio stations, or touching up your make up, or playing angry birds, if you were riding in that ambulance, you would be pissed that cars were just sitting there.

maybe pay attention for the 38 seconds that ambulance needs to get by.

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  1. Here here!!! My hubby is a firefighter/ems and this just pisses him off SO BAD!!! Grrrrr!!