Friday, February 4, 2011

that's cute.

yesterday we had a blood drive at work. i always try to donate if i can, so i went over.

when the man checked my iron, it was low. he asked if he could could have someone else check the other hand to be sure, i said of course.

when the sweet lady came in to stick my other finger, she said 'i'm so sorry that you have to get 2 sticks! i know the finger pricks are the worst.'

i was all i could do to not laugh as i told her that i have diabetes and i don't really feel them anymore anyway.
and that those pricks were the fourth and fifth of the day. :)

silly. a little finger prick. haha.


  1. Heh. That's how I feel when they apologize for needle pokes too. As if I don't poke myself daily :-)

  2. Funny!!! Yeah, poke me once, poke me twice, no biggie. I'll do it many many more times today anyway. :)