Friday, February 18, 2011

over it!

over the past month, i had health and doctor issues, my sister had surgery, my parents suddenly lost a friend and this week my family lost another friend. my friends have been going through problems, whether it's with money, or relationships, or family stuff or health problems ... when can we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?? i'm over the cold weather (which i can usually handle just fine til about february - lookie here, it's mid-feb), i'm over everyone having the winter blues, i'm over people getting bad news, i'm over everyone being in a piss-poor mood all over facebook and everywhere else. we should make a challenge to see how long people can go without writing complaints as their facebook status. but maybe the people who always write them on facebook have no one to vent their problems to. that is sad. i remember people saying how much 2010 sucked and they were so glad for 2011 because it would be a better year. um, not yet. i'm waiting, 2011. you haven't impressed me yet.

i'm ready for warm weather, windows down, music up, shorts, flip flops, cook outs, going to the lake, laying in the sun, swimming, temperatures above 70 and days when the sun stays up til 9 pm!

the lake!

so, BRING IT ON. negative shit, we leave you behind.